XBMC/ Kodi headless on a recent Debian

After struggeling for some time with random segfaults of a headless XBMC, pardon Kodi, in libxbmc.so I found this forum post:


which fixed it for me. I made a diff that applies to a recent git checkout from XBMC Gotham 3.2 and includes the fix as well as all other patches for the headless mode. So you can just follow the nice HowTo from Fma965.


but use this patch:


For the reference, the segfaults looked like

Sep 8 19:17:17 kernel: [4101574.165138] EventServer[18820]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fc3bc61f27d sp 00007fc3a67332b0 error 4 in libxbmc.so[7fc3bbc73000+1897000] 

while the logfile stopped with

19:17:17 T:140478287922944 NOTICE: Thread EventServer start, auto delete: false
19:17:17 T:140478287922944 NOTICE: ES: Starting UDP Event server on
19:17:17 T:140478287922944 NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777 19:17:17 T:140478279530240 NOTICE: Thread TCPServer start, auto delete: false

or after disabling all server services

09:04:03 T:139805209810688 NOTICE: Thread AlarmClock start, auto delete: false
09:04:04 T:139805727848320 DEBUG: LogindUPowerSyscall - Received unknown signal NameAcquired
09:04:04 T:139805727848320 DEBUG: Checking repositories for updates (triggered by XBMC.org Add-ons) 09:04:04 T:139805201417984 NOTICE: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true 

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